The Rothschilds are reputedly the wealthiest family on the planet – do they believe in Global Warming?

Sources: Jacob Rothschild with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Warren Buffett, David de Rothschild, Guy de Rothschild

The Rothschilds are a British-based, banking family that are arguably the wealthiest family on Earth and they seemingly believe in Global Warming.  Shouldn’t we?

Some claim they control up to half the wealth on the planet.  This is unsubstantiated, but, perhaps, at a stretch, is plausible? How so?  Well, the British Empire was the largest Empire in history.  In it’s heyday, it held sway over a population of nearly 500 million people – roughly a quarter of the world’s population – and covered about 14.3 million square miles, almost a third of the world’s total land area.

Where do the Rothschilds family come into this?  Well, they have bank-rolled this, the most successful empire in history, at least since 1815.  This intimate, financial association may be the plausible source of their fantastical wealth?   Their highly-organised, family business first came to prominence when they brokered a deal to supply funds to Wellington’s army for the Battle of Waterloo campaign.  They financed the British government through a series of high-risk, exchange-rate transactions and bond-price speculations.  In so doing, they reaped huge profits and, in many ways, set themselves up as the Empire’s personal bankers.

The question we ask here is, do these extremely influential people (the richest in the world or not, I still laud their well-earned success) support the somewhat controversial concept of “Global Warming”?  If so, why, and could this be a significant driver and support mechanism for its current and continued, popular success?

The Rothschilds and their cousins the de Rothschilds are not lead by one man, but are a family business.  Indeed, like all families they will have their differences.  However, at least one influential member has something to say very publicly about the threat of Global Warming.

David Mayer de Rothschild (b.1978) is a British adventurer and environmentalist and head of Adventure Ecology, an expedition group raising awareness about climate change.  He is the youngest of three children of the highly influential, London “financier”, as the BBC modestly and consistently describe him, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (b. 1931).

David de Rothschild was awarded the accolade of “Emerging Explorer” by the National Geographic, was appointed an “international ambassador” by NGO, Clean Up The World, and nominated as a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum.

Here is a talk by him a few years back at Zeitgeist Europe supporting his company, Adventure Ecology, and their efforts to increase awareness of climate change.  Presently, as I watch it, it has been rated with “212 likes, 1,580 dislikes”.  That’s a highly, unusual amount of disagreement there; the likes of I’ve never seen before.  I may not personally agree with global warming alarmism, but, I can tell you, I’m not one of those “dislikes” – each to their own view and though I may disagree, I still respect his.  Anyway, here is David’s talk (with relevant paraphrase from minute 21 also below):

David de Rothschild at Zeitgeist Europe 2007

“Right now, as probably some of you know and read, we’re living well past our means.  We’re actually living what they call a ‘three planet economy’.  There are a number of tools available on the web, which I guess you can class as green technology… It’s more importantly about changing our attitude, it’s about creating a new ideology.  About living withing our resources, living within our means.”


The Rothschilds may be the, or are very likely, one of the, most wealthy families on earth.  They, like much of Big Business and the Big Banks, are wholeheartedly buying into the climate change “bubble”.  After the, “bubble” collapse, the business world needed a quick fix to keep the continuous, economic growth, dream alive – we got “Global Warming”.   As we can see, at least one very significant player, the Rothschilds, are in on this growth industry.  They have a vested interest in seeing more CO2 reducing, Emissions Trading Schemes becoming reality.  It’s easy enough for one to avoid the real question in the debate. Are we actually facing catastrophic, global warming? Almost unanimously this the pertinent question is ignored in the mass media. Where is the supporting, scientific evidence for the imminent catastrophe? Let’s just sweep that one under the carpet and faithfully join the feel-good party instead.

With that said, I do believe that David de Rothschild is genuine in his conservationist beliefs. Most believers I’ve met and talked to, of course, do believe with genuine conviction. What I find interesting is the fact that with hardly any scientific evidence available supporting it (see Church of Global Warming), the powers that be, our leaders, still promote it. Why is this highly contentious hypothesis propagated so vigorously by so many journalists, businessmen and politicians (and some scientists)?  Well, “Global Warming” – it’s simply great for business, it’s our current economic “bubble”.  Not only is there lots of money to be made from it, but you can also feel good about saving the planet at the same time. What’s not to believe in?

Where do I sign up?

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7 Responses to The Rothschilds are reputedly the wealthiest family on the planet – do they believe in Global Warming?

  1. Anon says:

    The Dislikes Are Nothing To Do With Global Warming! This Is Another Tentacle Of The Rothschilds Killing Machine. The Goys Have Woken

  2. FrankSpencer says:

    “Well, in 2007, I took the view that this is going to get very bad and I personally invested in government bonds… I feel sorry for the pensioners.”
    Evelyn De Rothschild, one of the richest men in the world, CNBC 2008 ( at 4min 10sec)

    Hmmm. How sorry is that? When “one” manages to ride the U.S. property bubble to the top of its Ponzi Scheme heights, then get out in the nick of time to leave the real, wealth providers of society past to languish? The pension funds were pillaged.

    Nice of Evelyn to tell the rest of us to get into safe, bonds – after the fact.

  3. Jimbo says:

    Our friends at leftfield, Swedish, on-line radio station, Red Ice Creations, have posted one of the best review bios of the modern Rothschild clan. It hasn’t got the usual antagonistic, leftwing rant style to it; matter of fact and better journalism than most:

    That Rothschild clan in full: eccentricity, money, influence and scandal

  4. FrankT says:

    The vastness of the Rothschilds’ fortune is a great source of wild speculation. But, this sort of throws a light upon it.

    Cecil Rhodes’ mining company, De Beers, was known as the wealthiest company in the world in its day (~1880s) – where did Cecil’s, a famous batchelor, inheritance go / always lie…?

    Well, the Rothschilds largely have owned it all along.

    De Beers, famous for its diamonds, was founded by Cecil Rhodes, but he was actually financed by the Rothschilds (and Alfred Beit). The Rothschilds owned it and they still do.

  5. Try_Me says:

    Well, De Beers is officially run and maybe owned by Nicky Oppenheimer and his company, Anglo American:

    But, the Rothschilds link is still there, just clouded in mystery:

  6. RobF says:

    When the austere and all-knowing World Bank says we’re in for catastrophic climate change, it must be true. The Rothschilds, and other leading banking families, are the power and influence behind the World Bank, European Central Bank and IMF. Evidently they are using these organisations which are financial and, in theory, apolitical to promote the Green Agenda of thinly-veiled, centralised, global taxation:

    Degrees of devastation: major report warns of drastically hotter planet

    “The World Bank has warned the planet is on track to warm by four degrees Celsius this century – causing increasingly extreme heat waves, lower crop yields and rising sea levels – unless significant action is taken to cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

  7. wow why cant they share trir money to the people that need it the most! god desnt like ugly!

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