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Climate Drivers


800 Year Lag


Natural Temperature Driver on CO2


Is Man-Made CO2 a Climate Forcing


CO2 Multiplier Explained as Positive Feedback


CO2 Multiplier Explained as Negative Feedback


Direct CO2 Effect on Greenhouse


CO2 Multiplier Back Test


Cloud Cooling


Cloud Warming


Evidence for Tropospheric Warming


600 Million Years of CO2 and Temperature


2000 Years of Temperature - The Hockey Stick


Global Temperature Proxy Sites


2000 Years of Temperature - The Hockey Stick vs Loehle


2000 Years of Temperature - Loehle - Warming Pre-Industrialisation


100 Years of Temperature


10 Years of Temperature


Evidence of Catastrophe - Glaciers


Evidence of Catastrophe - Droughts


Evidence of Catastrophe - Arctic Ice


Evidence of Catastrophe - Hurricanes


The Greenhouse Effect Drivers


100 Years of Temperature - Sea and Sun Hypothesis


400 Years of Sunspots


200 Years of CO2 - Proxy vs Chemical Analysis


Natural CO2 Multiplier on Temperature


Reliability of Surface Temperature Stations


Urban Heat Island Effect


Precautionary Principle


Emissions Trading Scheme Politics


Cap and Trade Mechanism


Relative Cost of Energy Sources


CO2 as a Fertiliser