Global Warming doom-and-gloom is doomed

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Global Warming experts, the IPCC, recant.  The End is not Nigh.

Their doom-and-gloom catastrophe scenarios, that justified a whopping great Carbon Tax in Australia, have fizzled away like the deadly heat waves that they no longer predict.

There’s no need to sell that water-front, Sydney harbour-side mansion.  The oceans are not rising – it’s official.

It seems that the gas is off the Global Warming message; though this new message is not one we are hearing about much in the press. The recent, and much awaited, IPCC report, AR5, is noticeably different from all the 4 previous versions. It is very subdued on the plausibility of catastrophic, anthropogenic global warming. Is this just-in-time to justify a Prime Minister Abbott, Carbon Tax repeal?

The chart below is the summary produced by the IPCC themselves of their catastrophic, climate scenarios. Scenarios that the media has, almost ubiquitously, reiterated, reported and propagated to us since 1990 (time of the 1st IPCC report).

How confident are the IPCC really in their purported, Global Warming catastrophes?  Confidence wanes somewhat on hearing adjectives such as “very unlikely”, “exceptionally unlikely”, and “low confidence”? The only “Likely” scenario is the “Disappearance of summer Arctic sea ice” – a catastrophe that could be worse perhaps.  Large, Arctic ice melt happens all the time, every summer as it happens, with no known adverse effects.  Perhaps, it’s not the worst life threatening, planet destabilising, disaster that could be envisaged after all?

Submarine in Arctic with no ice


Here are likelihoods of the climate, catastrophe scenarios, as presented by the Global Warming experts themselves, the IPCC:

Table 12.4: Components in the Earth system that have been proposed in the literature as potentially being susceptible to abrupt or irreversible change.” ipcc_catastrophe_table

For those who crave more background, you’ll find the detail here at Bishop Hill’s most excellent blog.

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