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Apollo Moon Landings – Busted

How gullible we are. Landing on the moon in 1969 – fat chance. Give me 6min and I’ll have you doubting… The Apollo Moon Landings – Real or Contrived? This movie focuses on perhaps the most irrefutable bit of evidence … Continue reading

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Atlantis – sunken, but not forgotten

The fabled, sunken, Lost City of Atlantis, is it Fact or Fiction? Somewhat disappointingly, it is just Fiction. That’s what mainstream historians have concluded.  Atlantis is just a fanciful fable.  It is purely a story of legend.  End of story, … Continue reading

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Global Warming Bubble Bursts

The much hyped “consensus of scientists”, that first brought us the phenomenon that is Global Warming (namely the IPCC), are changing their long sung tune.  Hot off the press, they themselves now claim Global Warming is NOT catastrophic and their … Continue reading

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Planned Obsolescence, the intentional limiting of product lifespans, forces us to consume more than strictly necessary. With reference to energy saving light bulbs, is this a cynical ploy by the industrialists or a mechanism for maximising consumer choice?

Planned obsolescence is a business strategy, that has been around since at least the 1920s, in which the obsolescence (the process of becoming unfashionable or unusable) of a product is planned and built into it from its conception. This is … Continue reading

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When is a conspiracy theory no longer just a conspiracy? Well, when those involved tell us so. The world’s leaders have repeatedly told us, since World War II, of the “New World Order” they plan for us – what is it and what delights are in store for us?

One of the most contentious and significant Conspiracy Theories in the world is that of the “New World Order” (NWO).  What is it?  Well, it refers to the potential emergence of a totalitarian, one-world government.  Fair enough, I see the … Continue reading

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