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Global Warming Bubble Bursts

The much hyped “consensus of scientists”, that first brought us the phenomenon that is Global Warming (namely the IPCC), are changing their long sung tune.  Hot off the press, they themselves now claim Global Warming is NOT catastrophic and their … Continue reading

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Can CO2 reduction policies be an apt proxy for universal, pollution reduction?

Global Warming theory may well be proven false.  But, it promotes Carbon Dioxide reduction and thus can be a useful proxy for our Green future? The Global Warming debate is bit like a pantomime at times: “Oh, yes it is.  … Continue reading

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“When all the Watermelon Warmers admit their Lie” a poem by Maurice J.

Poetry – “a waste of paper” more like? Poetry is perhaps a little less fashionable than it used to be in days gone by.  To tell you the truth, I’ve never really been a great connoisseur of it myself.  Well, … Continue reading

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