Global Warming Bubble Bursts

Global Warming bubble bursts - banner - smallThe much hyped “consensus of scientists”, that first brought us the phenomenon that is Global Warming (namely the IPCC), are changing their long sung tune.  Hot off the press, they themselves now claim Global Warming is NOT catastrophic and their alarmist models, which underlie this long-touted theory, are wrong.

The threat and fear of catastrophic Global Warming has been bandied around in Western democracies for 20 years now.  It’s not just a scientific debate, but has been pivotal in setting governmental, fiscal policy.  In the E.U., California and Australia, especially, we have seen the implementation of some of the most extensive and expensive Green Tech. subsidies schemes in the world.  For instance, Australia used to have one of the cheapest energy markets in the world now, now we’re 3rd highest.  Cheap energy is a fundamental building block of an economy and to unnecessarily increase it seems foolhardy.  The governmental policy of Carbon Taxation has been implemented ostensibly to combat the harmful, environmental effects of Global Warming.  The effects of these abatement policies are direct and substantive on all facets of the global economy; adding significant costs to both business and to you-and-I.  Thus, the discovery that there may well be drastic changes to these policies is highly relevant to us all.

To that end, here’s a round-up of the huge changes occurring in the elusive world of Global Warming.  Have you heard about these in the mass media already?  No, me neither.  As per all things that may be contra the polemic of Global Warming belief, skepticism is rarely published in the mass media.  The online, internet story is very different, however, and there is a mass of news floating around the academic community, which discusses the pros and cons of Global Warming theory.  Well, here’s a quick synopsis for you of the latest trend in the debate.

It seems that the pro-“Global Warming” stance is in major reversal now.  Perhaps, there’s even a total unwinding of it occurring.  This is being directed from the very top – the U.N. and thus ultimately the U.S. government.  Here are three news items, that in isolation may be seen as a blip, but, in unison, are very remarkable indeed.


News 1: U.N. snubs its own U.N. climate scientists

The latest, UN-sponsored Climate Conference (COP18) has just been held in Doha, Qatar.  The famous “thousands of scientists”, who purportedly constituted the “consensus on Global Warming” known as the IPCC (Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change), were not, however, invited.  The IPCC is a UN body, but, for the first time ever, the UN Climate Change conference no longer required their services.   The IPCC chairman traditionally delivers the opening speech of the Climate Conference, he wasn’t invited this time to even spectate.

Considering that the U.S. is the prime funder of the U.N., it would be quite plausible to believe it’s the U.S. that is pulling the funding rug from under the highly influential IPCC. Whether this directive is under the auspices of President Barack Obama or the House of Reps., who knows?  Is it a political and philosophical manoeveur to sideline Global Warming and, thus Carbon Taxation, or is it a plain old, budget pinching exercise?  However, motivations aside, this snub of the IPCC is quite extraordinary and unexpected.

In response to this dis-invite, Dr Rajendra K Pachauri (Chairman of the IPCC) said in complete disbelief: “For the first time in the 18 years of COP, the IPCC will not be attending, because we have not been invited”.

Instead of the usual topics of conversation at the Climate Conference: the threats of impending, fossil fuel-driven, catastrophic, Global Warming, the Doha delegates discussed:

“Qatari deputy prime minister Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, president of the UN Climate Change Summit, spoke yesterday at the oil industry event, extolling the virtues of hydrofracking and other new extraction technologies.  His comments came just a day after the International Energy Agency released a report saying that no more than one-third of proven reserves of fossil fuels can be consumed prior to 2050 if we’re to avoid planetary disaster.”

Instead of lambasting Big Oil for their purported, harmful environmental record, Climate leaders were extolling their virtues.  That’s a turn up for the books alright.


News 2: Climate scientists admit there is no catastrophe

It appears that, not only have the UN’s IPCC been snubbed by the UN Climate Conference organisers, but they have also back-tracked very significantly in their message.  Whether is retraction in their previously staunch beliefs is self-inspired for forced from their sponsors is an interesting question.  Their spiel of the past 20 years is that we are heading towards an environmental calamity unless we abate our CO2 emissions.  However, their latest, wide-ranging, Climate Change, report (IPCC draft report, AR5) does a complete about flip on this mantra.

The latest report shows an almost complete reversal from the previous, 2007 version (AR4) on trends in drought, hurricanes, floods:

  • IPCC AR5 Draft: “we have high confidence that natural variability dominates any AGW influence in observed/historical TC records”
  • On XTCs “unlike in AR4, it is assessed here.. .there is low confidence of regional changes in the intensity of extreme extratropical cyclones”
  • IPCC AR5 draft Ch2 on drought: “The current assessment does not support the AR4 conclusions regarding global increasing trends in droughts”
  • The report has also gone the huge step of the “game-changing admission of enhanced solar forcing”.  Their models have always previously firmly ignored the influence of the sun as a climate driver, however it looks like the sun is back in the “hot spot”.


News 3: Climate scientists admit their models were wrong


All of their very own, previous, climate models (“FAR,SAR,TAR,AR4” above) have been wrong according to the latest IPCC analysis.   This is very significant to the whole Global Warming debate as these models are the pivotal evidence for predictions of catastrophic temperature rises.   These climate models have always (since 1990) predicted a very high, global temperature trajectory.  However, compare these models with the black, cat whiskers (“Observed”), which represents actual, global temperatures to date.  In this backtest, how close were the models’ predictions to reality?  Have the models missed the mark?  Well, even the model makers, the IPCC, finally believe so.  I say “finally” as this is not really, ground-breaking news to many.  The evidence for their fundamental short-comings (ignoring the sun as a climate driver would be a fair start) has been known for years.


If you want to delve into the science of Global Warming and thus the reason why I felt the need to compile a vast swathe of it into a movie, then please check out the Church of Global Warming.  However, what I’m describing here has very little to do with the science.  The whole of the Global Warming phenomenon is, and always has been, about Money.  The threat of environmentally, catastrophic Global Warming has spurred us to implement massive Carbon Taxes around the Western World.  It’s always been the “excuse” to raise taxation, plain and simple, and that’s why many politicians have been happy to readily embraced it.  True, there is a large body of scientists out there that have, and still do, believe in Global Warming.  But, the fact that a single scientific theory (or, technically, an unproven hypothesis) has so heavily swayed politics and fiscal policy for 20 years is pretty remarkable.   The Inconvenient Truth about Global Warming fears is very Convenient for politicians, who are generally happy to spend your money on your behalf, instead of you having to do it.

The Prediction

Recent events hint that the writing is on the wall, and influential “corporations” (and/or the U.S. government)  have decided that the Global Warming ticket is well past its sell-by date.  They are unwinding their support for it and we are quite likely to see funding slowly, and hopefully safely, fade away into insignificance.  Proclaiming that the “Global Warming Bubble Bursts” is quite possibly true, but, admittedly, perhaps a bit melodramatic.  The more likely scenario is that the “burst” will be more of a “fizzle”.  Global Warming is soon-to-be a thing of the past; a historical anomaly of a 20 year obsession.  A bold prediction, I know.  But, only time will tell…



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3 Responses to Global Warming Bubble Bursts

  1. Les Richardson says:

    This is a clear and utter reversal of previous positions. It’s pretty much all over bar the shouting, and that will be increasingly obvious over the next couple of years.

    After the last conference, this speaks mightily of the changing politics at the UN – my guess is the Arabs and OPEC have finally realised the stupid error they made in backing it in the first place. They were playing mischief, but have managed to simultaneously damage the economies of their main customers (ie through attempted “CO2 Abatement”, which has slowed oil demand); raise the price of oil to the effect of making alternative sources of energy, including other oil sources, more cost effective – and inspired a rash of technological development to make those sources more competitive; and encourage development of new sources such as fracking. With the massive resources now viable in the Americas, and even places like Israel and Britain, OPEC have well and truly kicked an own-goal.

    The political mischief that drove so much of the global warming issue look s like it has passed its use-by date.

  2. RobF says:

    Spence and Christy, the well-recognised champions of satellite-based, global temperature records, have put out a very informative slide yesterday. It shows how the “climate models”, that have predicted catastrophic global warming, have had a few hiccups in their predictions. They ALL got it wrong, and considerably wrong at that:

    Climate Models vs. Observations for Tropical Tropospheric Temperature

  3. see 2012 – 015 The Great Global Warming Fraud

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