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Cutting edge, algal bio-sequestration, to be implemented at Bayswater, coal power station to convert effluent into biofuels

Synopsis A world-first, biological, carbon capture plant is potentially on the horizon to clean up coal power station effluent.  This technology, if successful, could be a game changer for energy production: “clean” coal power coupled with renewable petrol production.  How … Continue reading

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Why do we need large, coal-power based, energy grids? Can’t a local, Green solution of Solar Panels and Biomass replace this antiquated system?

I work in Renewables and am proud to do so.    In particular, I work in the costing of new, energy plant.  I have always had a hunch that biomass generation was a no go with respect to being a … Continue reading

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What’s the relative cost of energy production?

The relative cost of energy production is a golden nugget of information that should permeate any debate on energy planning.  Should we decommission, “dirty” coal power stations and replace them with only slightly less “dirty”, gas-fired stations?  Why not go … Continue reading

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