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Australian Public Holidays (1992-2037) – UPDATED

Public Holidays are wonderful things.  We need more of them.  However, until the onset of the hallowed, 4 day week, we’ll all have to bundle out of the city for a break by the sea, at the same time, on … Continue reading

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Apollo Moon Landings – Busted

How gullible we are. Landing on the moon in 1969 – fat chance. Give me 6min and I’ll have you doubting… The Apollo Moon Landings – Real or Contrived? This movie focuses on perhaps the most irrefutable bit of evidence … Continue reading

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The ultimate steak marinade

I’m neither a chef nor, by anyone’s books, a cook, but I can do one, and only one, dish just right – steak.  Here’s how. For the perfect “Jamie” (Follett, not Oliver) steak marinade and cooking, all you need to … Continue reading

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Atlantis – sunken, but not forgotten

The fabled, sunken, Lost City of Atlantis, is it Fact or Fiction? Somewhat disappointingly, it is just Fiction. That’s what mainstream historians have concluded.  Atlantis is just a fanciful fable.  It is purely a story of legend.  End of story, … Continue reading

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Cutting edge, algal bio-sequestration, to be implemented at Bayswater, coal power station to convert effluent into biofuels

Synopsis A world-first, biological, carbon capture plant is potentially on the horizon to clean up coal power station effluent.  This technology, if successful, could be a game changer for energy production: “clean” coal power coupled with renewable petrol production.  How … Continue reading

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