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Sharing or Bonding?

The $64,000 Question: is the global economy healthy?  Should you invest in vibrant business and its financial lifeline, the share market, or “hide” in safe, Fixed Interest bonds and Cash? The Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P 500), is the “gold … Continue reading

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The battle of 2 the schools of economics – Keynes vs Hayek. Err, don’t forget Steve Keen now.

Steve Keen is an excellent, left-field economist, and more importantly, is a fellow Australian.  He hosts a fascinating and prolific blog called “Debtwatch”, that reports monthly on the dangers of excessive, private debt. His primary message is that the “Efficient … Continue reading

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Money Creation in the U.S. Federal Reserve System

Money creation is a highly controversial and complex process.  To simplify it to a single flow diagram is perhaps an injustice to the nuances of the process.  However, to make the muddy waters slightly less murky, here is a summary … Continue reading

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The Rothschilds are reputedly the wealthiest family on the planet – do they believe in Global Warming?

Sources: Jacob Rothschild with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Warren Buffett, David de Rothschild, Guy de Rothschild The Rothschilds are a British-based, banking family that are arguably the wealthiest family on Earth and they seemingly believe in Global Warming.  Shouldn’t we? Some … Continue reading

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Banking enables us. It’s Credit allows us to invest and flourish. However, it does this by somewhat arbitrarily creating Debt through the Fractional Reserve Banking Model. How so?

sources: Radio Free NJ, Web of Debt For every $100 you deposit the bank, the bank earns roughly $4 from it and, in the process, creates $900 out of thin air. Those new to this concept may be a little … Continue reading

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