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Heat wave to hit Eastern Australia this summer – it’s official.

Groundhog vs Climate Models – a close run thing. The Australian, government’s models predict warm and sunny months ahead.  Let’s hope they’re right.  But, my money is waiting on seeing how the Groundhog feels about all this… Should we believe … Continue reading

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Climategate Unveiled

Poor old Richard Nixon, his voyeuristic penchant for taping his own conversations and tapping his rivals remains to this day the benchmark in self-incriminating scandals.  So, how did a small bunch of climatologists from East Anglia manage to elevate their … Continue reading

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Man-made, Global Warming is happening. The “Hockey Stick” graph proves it?

In a nutshell, why is the central argument proving man-made, Global Warming, the “Hockey Stick” graph, almost universally discredited? The most emotive and pivotal evidence for catastrophic, Global Warming is the legendary, “Hockey Stick” graph.  The evidence proving Global Warming … Continue reading

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If Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not the main driver of global warming, what is? The well-documented, “Sun and Sea” Hypothesis may be a good place to start looking.

CO2 is the flavour of the month (err, last 20 years), but, in many ways, it’s hard to justify it as the dominate force driving our climate.  We just don’t have substantial evidence supporting it.  No, seriously, this is an … Continue reading

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