When is a conspiracy theory no longer just a conspiracy? Well, when those involved tell us so. The world’s leaders have repeatedly told us, since World War II, of the “New World Order” they plan for us – what is it and what delights are in store for us?

One of the most contentious and significant Conspiracy Theories in the world is that of the “New World Order” (NWO).  What is it?  Well, it refers to the potential emergence of a totalitarian, one-world government.  Fair enough, I see the eyes glazing over already… True, if this is all a storm in a teacup, fantastic, we can forget about it and all sleep easy tonight.  However, if there’s a grain of truth to the rumours, then perhaps its time to prepare for the dramatic, next stage of Mankind planned for us.

The evidence for the existence, the motives and the capability of the leading, global industrialists, the “New World Order“‘s proponents, is sizeable.  Massive is perhaps the word.  However, one must be careful.  There is plenty of conjecture and supposition in the leftfield commentary that is generally antagonistic to this ideology.  So, as I’m sure you are already doing, take a pinch of sceptical salt whilst hearing about it.  Nevertheless, if you do want to learn more, please check Jason Bermas and Alex Jones’s excellent movie.  It’s a one-stop shop, primer on the topic; if arguably somewhat controversial at times.  This movie is 2hr of your life you may ask for back; agreed, it is long. Alternatively, and shall we say hopefully, it may be deemed interesting and thought-provoking:


The concept of “New World Order” and the active pursuit of it by many powerful, faceless people is pretty much fact.  Agreed, there are no “facts” in life per se, only theories with relative validity (The Bayesian method). However, as theories go this one, surprisingly, is relatively non-controversial.  The authors of the idea, a large swathe of political and economic, Western leaders, have told us their intentions time-and-time again in their speeches.  The pertinent question is, moreover: have these powers-that-be the will and, if so, the way to succeed in implementing it, in this intrinsically chaotic world.  Can they control the controllable?

“New World Order”, what, more specifically, is it?  Well, this is the oft-bandied, concept of supplanting the U.S.  as the globes only superpower with one, new, global government – the U.N. on steroids, if you will.  There will be no more national governments or countries even.  We will all be equal citizens of the world.  This Brave New World will have one central planning body for everybody.  The European Union, which I was a Youth member of, is, by design, the template upon which the New World Order will be created.  We were told this in no uncertain terms many times by our leaders.  Call it communism, call it fascism, but sadly this type of dictatorial government does stir a few unpleasant, historical memories.

Currently, 50% of laws passed in Britain derive from the European Union

With that said, would a One World Government be the end of war, be the catalyst for unprecedented increases in trade and lead to global, wealth balancing?  These are fantastic goals, if attained.  So, what’s the problem?  Well, it will be controlled and ruled by a few, powerful capitalist families (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bushes, Clintons…).  Democracy, as we know it, will likely play second fiddle.  The rhetoric we have been given, in the many speeches we have heard over the years, has never stated elections as part of its modus operandi.  For instance, the instantiation of a One World Government, which was very clearly proposed in the pro-Global Warming, Copenhagen Accord, never included elections as a condition.

Agreed, all this could be considered a wild flight of fancy and pure conjecture.  Therefore, here’s a few choice, classic, movie quotes from the horses’ mouths to whet the appetite of plausibility:

Hilary Clinton (35:15min) “it’s good to have an outpost of the Council [of Foreign Relations] right here down the street from the State Department [her one].  We get a lot of advice from the Council.  So this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future”

Barak Obama (33:00min) “the Council on Foreign Relations, I don’t know if I’m a official member.  I have spoken there before.  It is basically just a forum where a bunch of people talk about foreign policy.  So, …there’s no official membership.  I don’t have a card, a special handshake like that”

List of members – is huge but includes (according to their own statements):

  • David Cameron (4:42)
  • Tony Blair (6:05)
  • Gordon Brown (1:37:06)
  • Al Gore (1:42:20)
  • Richard Nixon (12:48)
  • Gerald Ford
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton (21:40, 41:53, 1:15:08)
  • Barak Obama (33:00, 1:39:14)
  • George Bush Sr (15:40, 17:50)
  • George Bush Jr

Members are from both sides of U.S. politics, Republicans and Democrats.  In addition, political and economic leaders from virtually all other Developed countries are included.

List of groups – there is a plethora of them.  They are ostensibly separate, but are often over-lapping in membership, and pursue a common goal of unified, Global Governance.  Some groups and their official websites:



The “New World Order” is a re-branding of an age old concept that has been around since time immemorial; since civilisation began.  It is about control; control by the very few, of the very many.  In previous eras this was mostly done by kings through conquest,  now the battlefield has erred on the side of economic empires of bankers and industrialists.  Empires rise, empires fall (the “Tytler Cycle”) when they become too large, too unwieldy, lose their vitality and their innovation.  Can a collective of trading empires, our “New World Order” proponents, use their loose collective as a survival mechanism?  One trading empire may collapse, but the other eggs in the basket may survive and, thus, the concept lives on?  Thus, the collective model of rule has inherent redundancy and thus might make this system of government particularly long lasting.  Rome lasted a 1000 years.  Can the “New World Order” top that?

A One World Government, in a futuristic utopia in which Man has reconciled its many, and wonderful, cultural differences and our leaders could be trusted to be benevolent and altruistic, will be wonderful.  However, are we ready for this?  Perhaps, setting the wheels of integration in motion now for a long-term goal is appropriate?  But, I do have some reservations.  Are we, the masses, the real beneficiaries of this policy?  Or, is it purely the elite serving themselves as they are prone to do?  “New World Order” – a bright new future, or a Brave New World of hard-line totalitarianism?


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2 Responses to When is a conspiracy theory no longer just a conspiracy? Well, when those involved tell us so. The world’s leaders have repeatedly told us, since World War II, of the “New World Order” they plan for us – what is it and what delights are in store for us?

  1. Geographer says:

    Yes we are all puppets on a string – unless we come from that coterie of top families.

    I feel that the biggest threat to mankind is overpopulation. People become just numbers, resources will run out, and space per person will be minimal in those areas of this planet with optimum living conditions. Being selfish, I am glad that I willnot have to live to see the Dark Days to come.

    I am very interested in what will happen to relations between the ruling families of China and USA. They both want to be top dog in this new world order which they and their ilk will control. Who and what political philosophy will prevail?

  2. Jimbo says:

    The funny thing is you are in accord with the “coterie of top families.”: overpopulation is the planet’s problem. Supposedly, these families also believe in the threat of resource scarcity and depopulation as the solution to prevent this.

    Well, if you believe this, then you’ll have to buy into the story promoted by leading, leftfield theorists such as Alex Jones:


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