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Graphene – the material to transform battery technology

Innovation in battery technology will (eventually) revolutionise Energy supply in the world.  Adding it to rooftop, solar, Photo Voltaic (PV) systems and providing a “clean”, firm, stable energy supply is just one small example of the potential of next Gen … Continue reading

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Global Warming doom-and-gloom is doomed

Global Warming experts, the IPCC, recant.  The End is not Nigh. Their doom-and-gloom catastrophe scenarios, that justified a whopping great Carbon Tax in Australia, have fizzled away like the deadly heat waves that they no longer predict. There’s no need … Continue reading

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NSW council rangers have the power to ID and even arrest you

Council Rangers, if they deem you have committed an offense, can ask you for your personal details, but not explicitly insist on sighting physical ID.  They can, however, insist on scanning your dog’s chip, so they can indirectly ID you.  … Continue reading

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Create a “Chart Index”, Excel worksheet

This Excel macro creates a “Chart Index” worksheet that auto-generates a centralised listing of all the workbook’s charts, creates a preview icon and hyperlinks to the original. You can add this macro to any workbook and running it will give … Continue reading

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Socialism bankrupted Britain, Maggie saved it, and Socialists have resented her ever since

Margaret Thatcher was no saint, but honestly, who really ever is; especially, in power-mongering politics.  She came to power in ’79 as a raging bull and left, some would say, surplus-to-requirements in ’90.  However, don’t forget her impressive, early legacy… … Continue reading

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