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2012 U.S. Presidential Election post mortem

Many are rejoicing, about 49% are commiserating, and some are just saying, “Thank God it’s over”.  So, before we move onto the Next Best Thing in our fast-paced lives.  Here’s a quick sum up of the drama that was the … Continue reading

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The Press is the Opium of the Masses

Phenomena, like catastrophic Global Warming, become fact in our minds because journalists and politicians in the West tacitly say so.  Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the oft-touted but non-existent “consensus of scientists” who are promoting Carbon Taxation.  In this … Continue reading

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Long live the Social Welfare State

A poignant hallmark of our modern, civilised society is the relative fairness of wealth distribution.  Some would argue it’s still not fair enough, but the important and huge philosophical step to inclusiveness was the invention of the Welfare State by … Continue reading

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What is your “Political Compass”? Are you among the greats, a Leftie, Libertarian like Gandhi? This survey will tell all… maybe.

Who do you, and perhaps more significantly, should you vote for?  Are you firmly in the Left, as opposed to Right, wing of politics?  Or, like me, do you swing both ways depending on the circumstance?   Can you actually … Continue reading

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