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Obamacare – health care the Swedes would be proud of?

The U.S. health system gets a lot of flack around the world.  Micheal Moore, specifically in his doco SiCKO, would presumably like to take much of the credit as Chief Critic.  He revealed the truth about the only remaining super-power’s … Continue reading

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Long live the Social Welfare State

A poignant hallmark of our modern, civilised society is the relative fairness of wealth distribution.  Some would argue it’s still not fair enough, but the important and huge philosophical step to inclusiveness was the invention of the Welfare State by … Continue reading

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Money Creation in the U.S. Federal Reserve System

Money creation is a highly controversial and complex process.  To simplify it to a single flow diagram is perhaps an injustice to the nuances of the process.  However, to make the muddy waters slightly less murky, here is a summary … Continue reading

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